This is a forum in which we can discuss and share opinions about the english book that we read in our readers club.

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The best way to read is by sharing what

This is the place where you are going to share questions, opinions, quotes and more from the book you are reading in the class.

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Todo Fics

¿Te gusta leer fan fics? O quizá te gusta más escribirlos. Entra en el foro y participa escribiendo y leyendo. Do you like reading fan fics? Or maybe you prefer to write them. Join the forum and par

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[email protected] a la Lectura

Foro de Lectura Removed on: 15/05/2014

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Read to Love

Foro de lectura: Traducciones, Libros & Más. . .

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Foro gratis : Dinero Fácil, Gratis y Rápido

Foro gratis : Todo lo relacionado a las PTC, formas de ganar dinero en internet, referidos, PTR, PTS, pay to, surf, click, read, dinero con yahoo, que son las PTC, como ganar dinero con un blog. aumen

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