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Forum: English 24/7

Contact English teachers and other students at school to discuss different topics in English.

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Lugar de encuentro para tutores del programa de inglés That's English para compartir ideas, sugerencias y saber cómo funciona el programa en otras zonas de España.

tutores, programa, that's, #english, lugar, encuentro, para, inglés, compartir, ideas, sugerencias, saber, cómo, funciona, otras, zonas, españa

Foro gratis : SPEN spanish-english forum

Foro gratis : Foro en ingles y español / Forum in English and Spanish

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English's Saturdays

This forum is to practice and upload evidence of learning English.

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English's Saturdays

This forum is to practice and upload evidence about learning English.

english's, saturdays, this, forum, practice, upload, evidence, about, learning, #english

English Teachers Rock!

English teachers need a wide range of strategies, techniques, and ways of fostering significant learning in the ESL/EFL classroom. That´s why this forum was designed

#english, teachers, rock!, need, wide, range, strategies, techniques, ways, fostering, significant, learning, esl/efl, classroom, that´s, this, forum

Use of Tics in the Teaching of English

The main goal of this forum is to create a space for teachers and students of English Education to discuss about the topic of using TICS in the learning process.

tics, teaching, #english, main, goal, this, forum, create, space, teachers, students, education, discuss, about, topic

English Literature Discussion

In this place, we shall discuss all the topics regarding to the final papers of English Literuture on George Orwell's 1984 (class 2016)

#english, literature, discussion, this, place, shall, discuss, topics, regarding, final, papers, literuture, george, orwell's, 1984, (class, 2016)

Let's talk!

In this forum what you should do is to share and practice your knowledge about technical English and important topics that you have learnt during english classes.

let's, talk!, this, forum, what, should, share, practice, your, knowledge, about, technical, #english, important, topics, that, have, learnt, during, classe

English is fun

This forum is for sharing, learning and practing English

#english, this, forum, sharing, learning, practing

English I Y II CCH

Activities for English I and II at CCH at Professor Huacuja class.

#english, activities, professor, huacuja, class

English Chancay

Comunidad de estudiantes del instituto English Center Chancay. Compartimos algunas tareas, lecciones y anécdotas de las clases.

#english, chancay, comunidad, estudiantes, instituto, center, compartimos, tareas, lecciones, anécdotas, clases

Learning english

write your opinions about learning english and use it in the present time.

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Los del uno TC

Foro dedicado a las carreras de Simu TC

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Learning English

Forum created to reinforce the knowledge you have acquired in class.

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english jobs

desarrollo de trabajo grupal

#english, jobs, desarrollo, grupal

Foro Experience Learning,Sharing Culture

Foro sobre dudas, consultas, preguntas sobre el idioma español (castellano). Questions in English or Spanish (meaning, definition, differences,answers, translation)

foro, experience, learning, sharing, culture, sobre, dudas, consultas, preguntas, idioma, español, (castellano), questions, #english, spanish, (meaning, definition, differences, answers, translation)

English groups

foro de grupos de ingles para resolver dudas de los alumnos.

#english, groups, foro, grupos, ingles, resolver, dudas, alumnos

Art of War

For the lovers of the strategy games (Español-English) This forum was designed to improve discussing our best strategies

lovers, strategy, games, forum, designed, improve, discussing, best, strategies

Smartphones in the Classroom

Smartphones as a tool of teaching-learning process inside the English classroom.Is it possible for students to use this electronic device as an academic resource?

smartphones, classroom, tool, process, inside, #english, possible, students, this, electronic, device

English Forum for E.S.O. Students

This is the forum where the students will do their activities.

#english, forum, students, this, where, will, their, activities


redes sociales como arma de doble filo

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Aqui en contraras ixats

Hola a todos bienvenidos al nuevo foro aqui te pondremos link de ixats De: English, Espanol, Portugués etc..

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