tasca gonna

ESTIC BUSCANT... llenguatge al C.I.

Aquí demanarem si algú ens pot ajudar a trobar algun material/recurs en concret que poguem necessitar per la tasca docent

estic, buscant, llenguatge, demanarem, algú, ajudar, trobar, algun, material/recurs, concret, poguem, necessitar, #tasca, docent

Pinkie Pie's Army. Clan Forum.

My name is pinkie pie (hello!) And I here to say (how ya doing?) I'm gonna make you smile And I will brighten up your day

pinkie, pie's, army, clan, forum, name, (hello!) and, here, (how, doing?) i'm, #gonna, make, smile and, will, brighten, your

Never Gonna Give You Up

Pamechula Pamelachu(888)

never, #gonna, give, pamechula, pamelachu(888)

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