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FAQ's about Objectives

Write your doubts or questions regarding objectives

faq's, about, objectives, #write, your, doubts, questions, regarding

What is your problem?

Write your problem

what, your, problem?, #write, problem

Present S. Verb to be vs. Present Simple

It is important to know and stablish the use, grammatical structure, differences and similarities between them in order to write affirmative, negative sentences.

present, verb, simple, important, know, stablish, grammatical, structure, differences, similarities, between, them, order, #write, affirm

Todo Fics

¿Te gusta leer fan fics? O quizá te gusta más escribirlos. Entra en el foro y participa escribiendo y leyendo. Do you like reading fan fics? Or maybe you prefer to write them. Join the forum and par

fics, tokio, hotel, escribir, historia, quizá, gusta, escribirlos, tienes, puedes, subirlos, aqui, read, #write, fanfic?, join, entrar, fiction, leer, toki

Learning english

write your opinions about learning english and use it in the present time.

learning, english, #write, your, opinions, about, present, time

Simple past task

Dear learner, write here your own short paragraph in simple past. Then, read and comment 3 of your partners´ paragraphs

simple, past, task, dear, learner, #write, here, your, short, paragraph, then, read, comment, partners´, paragraphs

Tokio Fics

Foro activo para fics sobre Tokio Hotel, desata tu creatividad.

tokio, hotel, fics, fanfics, fanfictions, bill, kaulitz, gustav, schafer, georg, listing, japon, humanoid, scream, zimmer, #sekunde, sobre, desata, creatividad

Debating stories to improve the English

Read the fable and answer in this forum the next questions: 1. What is the main idea of the fable? 2. Who is the protagonist of the fable? 3. Write the unknown

debating, stories, improve, english, read, fable, answer, this, forum, next, questions, what, main, idea, fable? 2, protagonist

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