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Foro GOM

Recibe Soporte Técnico como usuario de equipos GOM, Metrología Óptica 3D para Inspección e Ingeniería Inversa

metrologia, optica, escaner, ingenieria, inversa, escaneo, control, calidad, cfd/fea, optico, inspeccion, fotogrametria, atos, compact, #scan, triple, core

Foro Caballow: Bienvenido a la comunidad TodoCaballow

Foro de ayuda y soporte sobre caballow. Concursos, loterías, guías, tutoriales, chat, etc.

caballow, todocaballow, foro, caballo, truco, comercio, sobre, porque, compartir, gratifica, ayuda, guia, tutorial, #galope, pases, gratis, cuernos, abundancia, energia, justin, bieber

OTServ - Comunidad de Tibia y Open Tibia

Nosotros intentamos hacer lo posible para que ustedes tengan la mejor calidad de sofwares e servidores.

otserv, comunidad, tibia, open, script, server, gesior, tutorial, guia, ayuda, descargar, #scan, changer, pedido, action

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Mummy scan

Unravelled after 3,000 years, the secrets of the singing mummy: CT scans peer through the burial case and bandages to reveal life of the person hidden inside [size=32]The spatula in the skull of a male mummy is thought to date back to

Animal Mummies – X-radiography, and coming soon – CT scans!

Animal Mummies – X-radiography, and coming soon – CT scans! Lisa Bruno These past few weeks we have been steadily packing and preparing to transport a group of animal mummies to the Animal Medical Center (AMC) for CT scanning with radiologist Anthon

Unveiling Animal Mummies Powerful CT scans reveal thousand-y

Unveiling Animal Mummies Powerful CT scans reveal thousand-year-old secrets from a collection of preserved animals from ancient Egypt. By Cristina Luiggi Stuffed into the sand-buffeted ancient ruins scattered about the Nile Delta are ten

CT SCAN de Lady Gautseshenu

CT SCAN de Lady Gautseshenu , cuelgo la noticia que está en inglés. Lady Gautseshenu goes to the Hospital Yesterday, a team of curators, conservators, and art packers and handlers took the last of our human mummies to North Shore University

CT scan en el estudio de momias

A patient wait of 600 years for scan Published on Saturday 19 March 2011 09:00 “WE don’t normally keep our patients waiting 600 years for a CT scan,” said Nigel Beeton as West Suffolk Hospital helped with a historical project on Wednesday

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