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Nuevos Corsarios

In the age of the third king, 3 warriors decide to unite their forces to travel around the world. During his journeys they know people all the classes and professions, and some, single bravest are united to them. Now they are known like Nuevos Corsar

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Foro de Rol de Twilight - Suiza

Soy un país neutral. Soy Suiza. Me niego a verme afectada por disputas territoriales entre criaturas míticas. . .

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☆· Twilight City ·☆

Why don't you come and discover what lies behind? ~ ♪

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Foro gratis : The Vampire Club

Foro gratis : Foro de rol basado en series como: Twilight, The Vampire Diaries y Vampire Academy

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Eternal Twilight

Foro gratis : Entra en este mundo dedicado a Crepusculo

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Brony Foro, tu comunidad Brony & Pegasister en español para los fans de My Little Pony - Equestria Girls

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Foro gratis : Twiligth- saga

Foro gratis : Podras rolear con tus personajes favoritos de la serie de Stephenie Meyer Crepúsculo

#twilight, moon, eclipse, crepusculo

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