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Foro sobre género y abortoForum about gender and abortion

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Welcome to bolsaTrading. A boards for those who want to be informed about world financial markets. Our readers could find monthly recommendations of international shares by means of charts as well as

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Foro1: Feedback micro

In this fórum you will post your videos and you will give feedback about your classmates' presentation.

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How to use simple future tense

in this page you will learn more about the simple future tense, then you'll be able to use it and something else with this you can speak crearly .

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This forum is for you to share different thoughts and ideas, about different task in the virtual course.

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Niels Lan Doky, Misty Dawn Disco elegante y sobrio, me encanta que cuente ademas con NH Orsted Pedersen, grande como siempre...!

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