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BIENVENIDO al Foro permanente de la Bitácora CAMUFLAJE, ARTE E ILUSTRACION MILITAR - Una herramienta adicional para la consulta y la participación.

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21st Century Camo Uniforms – the rest of the world

estaba bobeando por el internet cuando buscando camufajes me tope con este foro y ps me latio el post, fuente Spoiler: *alomejor les tarda en abrir por qe son varias fotos, las pics estan en spoiler AFGHANISTAN

US Army Picks New Camo for Afghanistan Units

February 19, 2010|by Christian Lowe Today the Army announced that this summer it will begin fielding uniforms with a new camouflage pattern to all its troops serving in Afghanistan. According to a statement obtained by,

Patron de camuflaje del futuro en 3-D

Que les parece esto ????: While DefenseReview (DR) was examining all the new products at the Diamondhead USA booth at SHOT Show 2012, one of our friends and professional contacts advised us to go check out Kryptek L.E.A.F. (Law Enforcement and Armed

Cinta para camuflagear fusiles ( sniper tape )

Extreme Camo December 14, 2009: Infantrymen continue to find new ways to hide themselves on the battlefield. Even before World War I, brightly colored uniforms gave way to ones (green or tan) that better blended into the background. During World War II

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