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Archaeologists resume search for Laodicea Temple

TEHRAN -- A team of Iranian archaeologists has recently returned to an area within the town of Nahavand, western Iran, to search for traces of the Laodicea Temple. They believe that the ancient Greek temple is buried beneath many residential

Entrevista aWassim Al-Sissy

Egyptian Archaeologist Wassim Al-Sissy on National Identity: I Am An Egyptian Who Speaks Arabic Following are excerpts from an interview with Egyptian urologist and Egyptologist Wassim Al-Sissy, which aired on Egyptian Channel 1 on September 21,

Diccionario de angeles -4-

Dargitael- uno de los ángeles regentes del vestíbulo del Quinto Cielo. Darquiel- uno de los ángeles del Primer Cielo y del día lunes. Degalim- uno de los subcoros angelicales que entonan el Triságono divino bajo la dirección del gran Arcángel

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