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Solo para brindar informaciónNo nos haremos responsables del uso que se le de a a este foro

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Portfolio 4ESO

Foro en el que haremos un recorrido por la historia educativa de 4ESO durante el curso 2014-2015

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Apertura de la boca

Dejo la web sobre la apertura de la boca en la tumba de Rekhmirahttp://www.digitalegypt.ucl.ac.uk/religion/wpr2.htmlContents of the ritual for 'Opening the Mouth': the selection of 51 episodes in the tomb-chapel of Rekhmira, in the sequence in

SocietyThe psš-kf and the 'Opening of the Mouth' Ceremony: A

SocietyThe psš-kf and the 'Opening of the Mouth' Ceremony: A Ritual of Birth and RebirthAuthor(s): Ann Macy RothSource: The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology, Vol. 78 (1992), pp.

Opening up the Shroud

Opening up the ShroudDeborah Phipps, conservator, Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service (NMAS)This is the latest in a series of posts about the unfolding of the Norwich shroud, a joint project between the British Museum and Norwich Castle Museum

They’ve found an opening! Egyptologists reach end ...

They’ve found an opening! Egyptologists reach end of tunnel in Seti I tombowenjarusQuestion – who can completely fill up a cavernous 1,500 seat domed hall on a Saturday night in Toronto?Answer – Dr. Zahi Hawass“I don’t get to introduce roc

El mejor opening fan made que he visto

Primero este opening no es real sino creado por eso fan made Aqui esta:

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