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Foro Revolver Carlos Goñi Argán Comité

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Foro RPG basado en la ciudad de Rapture (Saga Bioshock)

bioshock, rapture, city, burial, #buried

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Sebastian Bach sobre Velvet Revolver.

Bach ha hecho unas declaraciones sobre la posibilidad de su incorporación a Velvet Revolver. A ver que os parecen: "I've talked to Slash recently. I think it'd be really awkward for me to join that band. Number one, my new record, 'Angel Down', I like

Discos revolver (BCN)

Venta de discos de importacion , cd, vinilo, camisetas , accesorios etc. situada en c/tallers de barcelona http://www.discos-revolver.com/contacto.php

Velvet Revolver Dirty Little thing.

Can't stop thinkin musta been trippin this evening My mind is racing demons and all of my feelings are numb Yeah and when I roll with my head in the wind And I feel like the king of the Dead men wishin they had gotten together with you girl But

BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME - The Parallax II: Future Sequence

01. Goodbye To Everything 02. Astral Body 03. Lay Your Ghosts To Rest 04. Autumn 05. Extremophile Elite 06. Parallax 07. The Black Box 08. Telos 09. Bloom 10. Melting City 11. Silent Flight Parliament 12. Goodbye To Everything Reprise

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